Mission: The International Military Council on Climate and Security (IMCCS) is a group of senior military leaders, security experts, and security institutions across the globe dedicated to anticipating, analyzing, and addressing the security risks of a changing climate.

History: The creation of the IMCCS was announced at The Hague, Netherlands, on February 19, 2019 in response to a growing demand from military professionals for sharing information and best practices on addressing the security and military dimensions of climate change. The IMCCS will be formally launched in the fall-winter of 2019 (date and time to be determined). See a video of the announcement here.

Governance: The IMCCS consists of three main entities.

  • IMCCS Leadership: The IMCCS Leadership is an organizational consortium made up of an Executive Committee and Secretariat who govern the activities of the IMCCS. More.
  • IMCCS: The IMCCS is a Council of senior military leaders and security experts from the governmental and nongovernmental sectors, consisting of the full Council and an IMCCS Expert Group. More.
  • IMCCS Institutional Partners: IMCCS Institutional Partners are security organizations, networks and donors that formally affiliate with the IMCCS. More.

Products: The IMCCS Expert Group will publish an annual World Climate and Security Report beginning in 2020 – a global assessment of the security risks of a changing climate and recommendations for addressing them – as well as shorter briefers on key topics of interest. More.