IMCCS Expert Group

The IMCCS Expert Group consists of the consortium organizations in the IMCCS Leadership team. The Expert Group may also occasionally include select IMCCS Participants committed to driving analysis, policy and communications on climate and security, including through the development, publication and endorsement of the annual World Climate and Security Report, as well as other timely analysis driven by demand signals from the IMCCS.

Members: Members of the IMCCS Expert Group are climate and security subject matter experts from the research community as well as former senior military, defense and national/ international security professionals. Members will learn from colleagues in military and security communities across the world about their approach to climate change risks, help shape research and analysis agendas on the topic (including via input into the annual World Climate and Security Report), and collaborate with international partners on how to communicate these risks, and advance policy at international and national levels. Members commit to seriously considering the security and military implications of climate change, are willing to be listed publicly as Members of the IMCCS Expert Group in IMCCS publications, and contribute to or endorse the published products of the IMCCS Expert Group, including the annual World Climate and Security Report.

Publications: For IMCCS Expert Group publications, click here.

Participate: To participate in IMCCS Expert Group analysis, you must be a Participant in the IMCCS and be chosen to contribute to the group’s analytical products. If you wish to inquire about the possibility of participating, please send an email to info at imccs dot org.