The World Climate and Security Report 2020 (forthcoming)

The IMCCS Expert Group will publish an annual World Climate and Security Report (WCSR) beginning in 2020 – a global assessment of the security risks of a changing climate and recommendations for addressing them. The WCSR 2020 will include five key components.

  1. Executive Summary/ Top-Tier Risks and Recommendations: Top-tier climate and security risks and recommendations for the international community to address, which will draw from the component analyses below.
  2. Global and Regional Risk Assessment: A meta-assessment of global climate and security risks based on a thorough review and aggregation of existing literature and information, and a summary of critical risks across regions.
  3. Risk Perception Survey: Key findings of a survey administered to IMCCS Members, Participants, Observers and Spokespersons about their risk perceptions regarding climate change.
  4. Climate Security Capability Game Results: Results of an annual IMCCS climate and security game administered by the Hague Center for Strategic Studies.
  5. Highlights – Best Practices on Climate and Security: A highlight of best practices among select nation’s militaries and national security establishments, as well as intergovernmental security and military institutions, on addressing climate and security risks.

Briefers (forthcoming)

The IMCCS Expert Group will also publish short briefers on key topics of interest, driven by demand signals from the IMCCS.

Featured Publications

The organizations of the IMCCS Consortium, and the IMCCS Institutional Partners, produce excellent analysis on the security and military implications of a changing climate. Below are featured publications from these organizations.