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Notable coverage

The Maritime Executive
Pauline Baudu, “Building a Safer North: Climate Security Risks in the Canadian Arctic,” June 15, 2023

Tom Middendorp, “After Russia’s invasion, Brussels is a military player but not a military power,” June 14, 2023

Sherri Goodman, “Typhoon over Guam highlights climate threat to U.S. military in Pacific,” May 25, 2023

Japan Up Close
Pauline Baudu and Sherri Goodman, “A Case for Increased Japan-US Cooperation on Climate Security in a Changing Strategic Context,” May 10, 2023

Sherri Goodman, “Lightbridge Strengthens Board of Directors with the Appointment of Sherri Goodman as a New Independent Director,” April 3, 2023

The Cipher Brief
Sherri Goodman, “Global Sustainability as a Means of Security,” February 21, 2023

Financial Times
Sophie Rose, “The UK must prepare for the biosecurity threats to come,” February 19, 2023

NATO co-hosts side event at Munich Security Conference focused on military energy transition,” February 17, 2023

Press the Button
Sahil Shah, “China Spy Balloon is (Mostly) Hot Air,” February 14, 2023

Foreign Policy
Sahil Shah, “The United States and China Still Need to Talk About Nuclear Weapons,” February 6, 2023

E&E News
John Conger, “A Climate Scientist Is Evaluating the U.S.’s Spy Programs,” February 3, 2023

The Hill
John Conger, Sherri Goodman, Ron Keys, Lyston Lea, Erin Sikorsky, “Clean energy is national security,” January 26, 2023

Informed Comment
Climate Change will Supersede Everything: The Pentagon’s Massive Intelligence Failure on China,” January 23, 2023

Center for Strategic & International Studies
Sherri Goodman, “Ocean Security Forum 2023,” January 18, 2023

Roll Call
Andy Weber and David Lasseter, “Congress trims funding for Pentagon ‘chem-bio’ programs,” January 11, 2023

The Washington Post
Congress has not stepped up to fight covid-19 — or the next pandemic,” January 8, 2023

Arctic Review
Pauline Baudu, “Minding the Archipelago: What Svalbard Means to NATO,” January 6, 2023

Christine Parthemore, “She’s Spent a Decade Fighting to Ban Nuclear Weapons. The Stakes Are Only Getting Higher,” January 4, 2023

USA Today
Christine Parthemore, “As COVID turns 3, experts worry where the next pandemic will come from – and if we’ll be ready,” January 1, 2023

The Hill
Andy Weber, “America is failing to fight chemical and biological weapons — but we can change that,” December 28, 2022

E&E News
Erin Sikorsky, “Biden’s climate agenda struggles at the border,” December 21, 2022

Foreign Policy
Cullen Hendrix, “Forced Uyghur Labor Probably Helped Build Your Car,” December 21, 2022

Homeland Security Today
NATO Holds Roundtable on Climate Change and Security,” December 20, 2022

NATO holds roundtable on climate change and security, bringing together Allies and experts,” December 16, 2022

Back Story with Dana Lewis
John Gower, “Russia and the Nuclear Threat,” December 8, 2022

University of Maine News
Dan Regan, “New liquid-coated air filters can improve early detection, analysis of airborne pathogens,” December 6, 2022

The Atlantic
Erin Sikorsky, “Where U.S.-China Competition Leaves Climate Change,” November 21, 2022

The Red Line podcast
Erin Sikorsky, “How the Chinese Military is Preparing for Climate Change – The Green Line,” October 24, 2022

E&E News
John Conger, “Air Force aims to burn less fuel as part of climate fight,” October 6, 2022

Arctic Today
Sherri Goodman, “U.S. Defense Department creates new Arctic strategy office,” September 29, 2022

The Washington Post
Tom Middentorp and Erin Sikorsky, “As wildfires grow, militaries are torn between combat, climate change,” September 26, 2022

Foreign Policy
Erin Sikorsky, “The World’s Militaries Aren’t Ready for Climate Change,” September 22, 2022

Homeland Security Today
Erin Sikorsky, “GAO Updates on Enhancing Federal Resilience to Climate Change,” September 20, 2022

Sherri Goodman, “
Poor Countries Are Suffering the Worst Climate Woes But Getting the Least Help,” August 28, 2022 

AP News
Sherri Goodman, “Finland, Sweden offer NATO an edge as rivalry warms up north,” August 20, 2022

Politico ClimateWire
John Conger, “Army prepares to test-drive tactical EVs,” August 2, 2022.

Bloomberg Law
Stephen Lee, Erin Sikorsky, “Biden’s Climate Emergency Decision Would Unlock Pentagon Funding,” July 22, 2022.

Thomson Reuters Foundation
Jack Graham,Why climate change could spark conflict,” July 21, 2022

CBS News
Sherri Goodman, “U.S., Europe swelter under historic heatwave; Britain sees record-high temperatures,” July 19, 2022

Defense One
John Conger, “A Success in Norfolk Should Also Be a Warning,” July 18, 2022

Homeland Security Today
Elsa Barron and Nicolas Regaud, “French Climate and Defense Strategy Foreshadows a Wave of Climate Security Plans in Europe,” July 18, 2022

NATO Review
Brigitte Hugh and Erin Sikorsky, “Moving towards security: preparing NATO for climate-related migration,” May 19, 2022

John Conger and Erin Sikorsky, “Climate Security Next Steps for the U.S. Government,” May 6, 2022

Laurie Goering, “EXPLAINER-As conflict and climate change bite, are high food prices here to stay?” May 6, 2022

E&E News
Scott Waldman,21 utility workers have died in Ukraine war, gas CEO says,” May 3, 2022

Task and Purpose
Max Hauptman, “Extreme weather is costing the military billions in damages and it’s only getting worse,” April 25, 2022 

2 Celsius
Podcast Episode 1. Frank Femia: Russia’s Failure as a Petro-State. Climate and Security,” April 18, 2022

Deutsche Welle
Sherri Goodman, “Opinion: Why climate action holds the key to German security,” April 16, 2022

The Interpreter
Kate Clayton, “Shore thing: climate change and maritime security intrinsically linked,” April 8, 2022

Extinction Rebellion
A MATTER OF LIFE OR DEATH: Doctors for Extinction Rebellion block HM Treasury on World Health Day,” April 7, 2022

Jen Patja Howell (Interview with Erin Sikorsky), “The Lawfare Podcast: How Russia’s War in Ukraine Affects Energy and Climate Security,” April 6, 2022

Global Challenges Foundation
Brigitte Hugh and Erin Sikorsky, “Climate security in 2022,” April 5, 2022

IPS Journal
Erin Sikorsky, Why going green is the answer to the West’s security dilemma,” March 22, 2022

Erin Sikorsky, “Der Moment der Klarheit,” March 18, 2022

Francesco Femia and Erin Sikorsky, “Could ‘Don’t Look Up’ Have Ended Differently?” March 17, 2022

Rolling Stone
Jeff Goodell, “Putin Is a Fossil-Fuel Gangster. Clean Energy Could Cut Him Off at the Knees,” March 10, 2022

Media Matters
Ted MacDonald, “As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine unfolds, right-wing media is pinning the blame on Greta Thunberg and climate activists,” March 8, 2022

Media Matters
Allison Fisher, As Biden considered sanctions against Russian oil, Fox & Friends repeated the network’s top 4 lies about gas prices,” March 8, 2022

WBUR (Here and Now)
Interview with Erin Sikorsky, “Gas prices are up following calls by some U.S. politicians for an embargo on Russian oil,” March 7, 2022

Los Angeles Times
Sammy Roth, “Ukraine is a climate story. Because everything is a climate story,” March 3, 2022

Inside Climate News
Bob Berwyn, Delay is Death,’ said UN Chief António Guterres of the New IPCC Report Showing Climate Impacts Are Outpacing Adaptation Efforts,” February 28, 2022

The Los Angeles Times
Sammy Roth, One way to combat Russia? Move faster on clean energy,” February 26, 2022

Affari Internazionali
Michael Werz, “Nexus25 alla Conferenza sulla sicurezza di Monaco,” February 25, 2022

Bradon Long, “Interview with Erin Sikorsky: U.S. Army unveils first-ever climate action plan | Bradon’s Barometer,” February 18, 2022

Paul Luttikhuis, “Interview with Tom Middensorp: ‘De verdeling van water wordt een chantagemiddel’,” February 17, 2022

Radio Health Journal
Interview with Sherri Goodman, “Climate Change & National Security,” February 13, 2022

The Weather Channel
Weekend Recharge, “Director Erin Sikorsky on The Weather Channel,” February 12, 2022

The Weather Channel
Director Erin Sikorsky talks about the Army Climate Strategy on the Weather Channel,” Feb 12, 2022

U.S. House of Representatives
IMCCS cited in “The America Competes Act of 2022,” January 25, 2022

Brink News
Erin Sikorsky, “Climate Migration Is Now a Major Geopolitical Risk,” January 17, 2022

The Washington Post
Michael Birnbaum, “Militaries are among the world’s biggest emitters. This general wants them to go green,” December 30, 2021

Defense One
Defense One Staff, “2021 Top Ten: Ideas. The intertwined need to confront China and climate change, turning the tables on Russian psyops, and more,” December 30, 2021

Erin Sikorsky, The Defense Department’s Role in the New Sustainability Executive Order,” December 27, 2021

CCS Director Erin Sikorsky Interview with CNN International,” December 16, 2021

Yahoo News
Ben Adler, “Climate change is fueling new violent conflict in Africa, U.N. says,” December 16, 2021

Futura D’Aprile, “Le emissioni delle forze armate sono un problema per l’ambiente,” December 12, 2021

Sofia Kabbej interviews Erin Sikorsky, “Le changement climatique va déclencher des guerres?” December 9, 2021

Foreign Policy
The Godmother of Climate Security,” December 2, 2021

Government Matters
Interview with Erin Sikorsky, “China taking advantage of climate change in two ways, says Center for Climate and Security director,” November 9, 2021

CBS News
Interview with Sherri Goodman, “How a focus on climate change could assist with US national security policies,” November 5, 2021

Just Security
Rod Schoonover and Erin Sikorsky, “Getting Climate Intelligence Right,” November 3, 2021

Defense One
Sherri Goodman, Erin Sikorsky and Francesco Femia, “The US Can’t Compete With China Without Tackling Climate Change,” November 1, 2021

Interview with Erin Sikorsky, “Biden Meets With World Leaders at G20 Summit,” October 31, 2021

New Day, IMCCS Director Erin Sikorsky Interview,” October 23, 2021

War on the Rocks (Warcast)
Interview with Erin Sikorsky, “Defense Department and Intelligence Community Release Major Climate Reports,” October 22, 2021

Defense One
Jacqueline Feldscher, “A Quartet of Warnings Highlight Climate-Related Threats,” October 21, 2021

The New York Times
Christopher Flavelle, Julian E. Barnes, Eileen Sullivan and Jennifer Steinhauer, “Climate Change Poses a Widening Threat to National Security,” October 21, 2021

The Washington Post
Shane Harris and Michael Birnbaum, “White House, intelligence agencies, Pentagon issue reports warning that climate change threatens global security,” October 21, 2021

Matthew Choi,Democrats debate into the night,” August 24, 2021

National Maritime Foundation
Dr Pushp Bajaj, “A Critique Of The Report On “A Security Threat Assessment Of Global Climate Change: How Likely Warming Scenarios Indicate A Catastrophic Security Future,” August 20, 2021

Homeland Security Today
Lindsey Wilkinson, “An Unstable World – What the IPCC Report Means for the Security Community,” August 19, 2021

Defense One
Patrick Tucker, “Climate Change Is Already Disrupting the Military. It Will Get Worse, Officials Say,” August 10, 2021

Antonio Busalacchi and Sherri Goodman,Why National Security Agencies Must Analyze Climate Risks,” August 6, 2021

BBC Newsnight
Interview with Erin Sikorsky (2:55), How are environmental factors like climate change and Covid fuelling instability in parts of the Middle East and north Africa?,” July 31, 2021

The Weather Channel
Center for Climate & Security Deputy Director Erin Sikorsky on The Weather Channel,” July 27, 2021

US Welcomes PM Modi’s Continued Focus on Clean Energy: Official,” July 23, 2021

Nation of Change
Damon Benningfield, “Heating up the hot spots,” July 17, 2021

The Energy-Climate Security Nexus in South and Southeast Asia,” with Rachel Fleishman and Sarang Shidore of the Center for Climate and Security and the Expert Group of the International Military Council on Climate and Security, The University of New South Wales

Le gouvernement luxembourgeois
François Bausch présente les conclusions du “World Climate and Security Report 2021” au Luxembourg,” June 26, 2021
La Nato e il cambiamento climatico: una “svolta” obbligatoria,” June 16, 2021

BBC News
Nato and climate change: How big is the problem?” June 15, 2021

DW News
Teri Schultz, “NATO summit to address climate threat,” June 14, 2021

Zoya Teirstein, “Divestment goes Maine-stream,” June 9, 2021
World Climate and Security Report 2021: Warning of
catastrophic climate risks and urging significant Greenhouse Gas Reductions
,” June 9, 2021

Scientific American
Military Operations Will be Strained by Climate Change,” June 9, 2021

Forces Net
Simon Newton, “MOD’s Top Climate Change Advisor Says Military Going ‘Green’ Could Save Lives,” June 8, 2021

Australian Associated Press
Climate change a security threat: report,” June 7, 2021

E&E News
Sara Schonhardt,‘Duty to warn’: Military leaders outline global climate risk,” June 8, 2021

ABC – RN Breakfast with Hamish MacDonald
World must prepare for national security risks caused by climate change,” June 8, 2021

Thomson Reuters Foundation News
Laurie Goering, From migration to geoengineering, climate risks threaten more conflict,” June 7, 2021

Yale Climate Connections
Samantha Harrington, “Revitalized U.S. urgency on climate change and national security,” May 7, 2021

Meghan Roos, “U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin Calls Climate Change ‘An Existential Threat’,” May 7, 2021

The Harvard Gazette
Clea Simon, “Climate change as a national security issue,” April 26, 2021

South China Morning Post
Jacob Fromer, “China’s Belt and Road projects face climate change challenges,” April 24, 2021

The Economist
The West’s armies are getting more serious about climate change,” April 27, 2021

The Cipher Brief
Sarang Shidore, Shiloh Fetzek, and Rachel Fleishman, “The Link Between National Security and Climate Change in Asia,” April 21, 2021

The Washington Post
Interview with Louise van Schaik, “Facing sweltering soldiers and flooded ports, NATO to focus on climate change by Michael Birnbaum and Missy Ryan,” March 23, 2021

Government Matters
Interview with Erin Sikorsky, March 15, 2021

War on the Rocks
Kate Guy and Erin Sikorsky, “A Blueprint for the Department of Defense’s Strategic Assessment of Climate Change,” March 12, 2021

The Times of Israel
Sue Surkes,Is Israel burying its head in sand as climate change makes Mideast a hot mess?” March 11, 2021

AsiaGlobal Online
Rachel Fleishman, Shiloh Fetzek, Andrea Rezzonico, Sarang Shidore, “Climate Security: A Growing Military Concern That Policymakers Should Heed,” February 25, 2021

The Cipher Brief
Kristin Wood and Erin Sikorsky, “Why The Intelligence Community Needs a Climate Change Task Force,” February 24, 2021

BBC World News
BBC World News Interview with Erin Sikorsky on Climate Security 23 Feb 2021,” February 23, 2021

Thomson Reuters Foundation News
Laurie Goering, “Climate change: 5 places where global warming is a security risk,” February 23, 2021

BBC World News
Interview with Erin Sikorsky, Deputy Director, The Center for Climate and Security,” February 19, 2021

The Jerusalem Post
Omri Nahmias, “Climate change is near the top of President Joe Biden’s priorities,” February 11, 2021

War On The Rocks
Erin Sikorsky, “Analyzing the Climate Security Threat: Key Actions for the U.S. Intelligence Community,” January 22, 2021

Clint Watts and John Conger, “Climate Change and National Security,” Volume 66, Issue 2, February 2022,  Pages 159-165
5 Dedicated Groups Concerned About The Environment,” January 21, 2021

The National Interest
Sherri Goodman and Kate Guy, “Climatizing Security: Protecting Americans in the Age of Climate Change,” January 15, 2021

The Hill
Rebecca Beitsch, “Kerry raises hopes for focus on climate security at NSC,” January 5, 2021

Things That Go Boom
Francesco Femia in “Duluth, Not as Cold as You Think!,” [interview begins at 13:07], January 4, 2020

Colorado Times Recorder
Sean Price, “CO Veterans & Politicians: Climate Change Is a Threat to National Security,” December 10, 2020

Diario de Latinos
Brasil reporta cantidad récord de deforestación,” December 1, 2020

Fabio Teixeira, “Brazil to face major security threats as climate impacts surge, military experts warn,” November 30, 2020

E&E News
Scott Waldman, “Biden considering a climate hawk to lead Pentagon,” November 23, 2020

NATO Association of Canada
Media Advisory on Oct. 21st at noon: Impacts of Climate Change on Human Security: What Can Be Done?” October 21, 2020

De Gelderlander
Bob van Huet, “Wereldwijde waterschaarste: hoe voorkomen we oorlogen en massamigratie?” September 1, 2020

De Limburger
Bob van Huet, “Water als bron van conflicten: ‘Schaarste heeft gevolgen voor miljarden mensen’” September 1, 2020

Climate Diplomacy
Bastien Alex, “New report assesses critical global security risks of a changing climate,” February 24, 2020

Ooska News
Water Insecurity As A Driver Of Global Instability,” February 19, 2020

Von Eric Hamus, “Interview / General Tom Middendorp warnt in Luxemburg vor dem Klimawandel als Sicherheitsrisiko,” February 17, 2020

Lëtzebuerger Journal
Claude Karger, “Alarmglocken,” February 17, 2020

RTL Today
Pit Everling, “Climate change has impacted defence and security sectors,” February 15, 2020

BBC World News
Interview with General (Ret) Tom Middendorp, Chair of the IMCCS, “World Climate and Security Report 2020,” February 14, 2020

BBC News
Interview with the Honorable Sherri Goodman, Secretary General of the IMCCS, “Climate risks to global security – report says global security needs ‘climate-proofing,'” February 14, 2020

Ministère des Affaires étrangères et européennes
Communiqué, “Le général Tom Middendorp présente le “World Climate and Security Report” en avant-première au Luxembourg,” February 14, 2020

Interview with General (Ret) Tom Middendorp, IMCCS Chair, “Middendorp waarschuwt voor veiligheidsrisico’s klimaatverandering,” February 14, 2020

The Annapurna Express
Kamal Dev Bhattarai, “Climate change as national security threat,” February 14, 2020

Luxemburger Wort
Marc Hoscheid, “Militär: Der Kampf gegen den Klimawandel,” February 14, 2020

RTL Today
Pit Everling, “Klimawandel huet Impakt op Verdeedegungs- a Sécherheets-Secteur,” February 14, 2020

Lëtzebuerger Journal
Größte Herausforderung dieses Jahrhunderts,” February 14, 2020

Zeitung Vum Lëtzebuerger Vollek
Klima der Unsicherheit,” February 14, 2020

Bol Network
Syed Umarullah Hussaini, “Climate change could be disastrous in 20 years with risks to global security, report,” February 14, 2020

Chamber of Deputies of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Press Briefing by General (Ret) Tom Middendorp, IMCCS Chair, “World Climate and Security Report 2020,” February 14, 2020

Sky News
Alistair Bunkall, “Climate change will be ‘catastrophic’ in 20 years with risks to global security – report,” February 13, 2020

IPI Global Observatory
Caitlin Werrell and Francesco Femia, “The Responsibility to Prepare for Climate Change,” September 16, 2019

IPI Global Observatory
General (ret) Tom Middendorp and Reinier Bergema, “Where Marco Meets Micro: How Climate Change Fuels Violent Extremism,” September 11, 2019

TRT World
TRT World Now, “Hurricane Dorian: Interview with Sherri Goodman,” September 8, 2019

General (ret) Tom Middendorp, “Don’t leave climate to the environment ministers,” July 29, 2019

TRT World
Interview with Francesco Femia, Manager and Senior Advisor to the IMCCS (begins at 17:45), Climate Conflict? | Bigger Than Five, July 17, 2019

Adriana Erthal Abdenur, “Climate Change and Risk of Conflict: The Links Grow Clearer,” May 7, 2019

Linda Givetash, “Militaries go green, rethink operations in face of climate change,” April 27, 2019

Concepcion Alvarez, “Mission “Changement Climatique” Pour Le Secteur De La Défense,” March 1, 2019

The Independent
Borzou Daragahi, “From the US to the Netherlands, military leaders are speaking up on climate change,” February 20, 2019

E&E News
Courtney Columbus, “International military council created to tackle climate,” February 20, 2019

Laurie Goering, “Climate change an ‘imminent’ security threat, risk experts say,” February 19, 2019

Featured Videos



General (Ret) Tom Middendorp discusses the “World Climate and Security Report 2020,” authored by the Expert Group of the International Military Council on Climate and Security, at the main stage of the Munich Security Conference, February 15, 2020



General (Ret) Tom Middendorp announces the “World Climate and Security Report 2020,” authored by the Expert Group of the International Military Council on Climate and Security, at the opening “Hashtag Event” of the Munich Security Conference, February 13, 2020





Nieuwsuur Interview with General (Ret) Tom Middendorp, Chair of the IMCCS, about the World Climate and Security Report 2020, February 14, 2020





Press Briefing on the World Climate and Security Report 2020 with Luxembourg Defence Minister François Bausch; General (Ret) Tom Middendorp, Chair, IMCCS; Captain (Ret) Steve Brock, Chief of Staff, IMCCS; Kate Guy, Senior Research Fellow, the Center for Climate and Security; and Rol Reiland, Directeur adjoint, Luxembourg Ministère des Affaires étrangères et européennes, February 14, 2020



IMCCS Announcement, The Hague, the Netherlands, February 19, 2019



The Climate and Security Podcast, Episode 12: A Conversation with General Tom Middendorp, Chair of the IMCCS, April 15, 2019



The Climate and Security Podcast, Episode 6: A Conversation with the Hon. Sherri Goodman, Secretary General of the IMCCS, January 15, 2019





TRT World Interview with Francesco Femia, Manager and Senior Advisor to the IMCCS (begins at 17:45), July 17, 2019



The Climate and Security Podcast, Episode 14: A Conversation with Dr. Nicolas Regaud, Participant, IMCCS, May 15, 2019



The Climate and Security Podcast, Episode 13: A Conversation with Louise Van Schaik, Senior Member of the IMCCS Executive Committee, May 1, 2019



The Climate and Security Podcast, Episode 5: A Conversation with Francesco Femia and Caitlin Werrell, Senior Advisors to the IMCCS, January 1, 2019



The Climate and Security Podcast, Episode 7: A Conversation with Joan VanDervort, Participant in the IMCCS, February 1, 2019



The Climate and Security Podcast, Episode 1: A Conversation with the Hon. John Conger, Participant in the IMCCS, November 1, 2018H