The IMCCS is a broad network of individuals from both the governmental and nongovernmental military and security sectors committed to an open exchange of ideas on the military and security dimensions of climate change. The IMCCS will meet periodically during regular IMCCS events, as well as on the margins of other international security forums and dialogues. The IMCCS includes Participants and Observers.

Participants:  Participants are senior military and civilian defense leaders, national/ international security professionals, and climate security subject matter experts from both the governmental and nongovernmental sectors. Participants will learn from colleagues in military and security communities across the world about their approach to climate change risks, help shape research and analysis agendas on the topic, and collaborate with international partners on how to communicate these risks, and advance policy at international and national levels. Participants will be invited to attend all IMCCS events, and will have access to an IMCCS listserv where Participants will share information on analysis, communications and policy regarding the military and security risks of climate change. Participants commit to: Considering and where possible addressing the security and military implications of climate change; Being listed publicly as a Participant of the IMCCS-Track II Dialogue; Sharing information/best practices; Connecting networks and enabling an open exchange of ideas on the military and security dimensions of climate change

Observers: Observers are individuals from either governmental or nongovernmental institutions that cannot make the same commitment as Participants, but wish to learn from IMCCS activities, and demonstrate a willingness to share information learned with decision makers and influencers within their home governments or societies.

Joining: Joining the IMCCS is by invitation only. However, if you wish to inquire about the possibility of joining, please send an email to imccs dot org.